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General Inquiry email:
: 201.592.1298

Edward Brewer, Owner
Cell: 201.232.0730

Barry Brewer, General Manager
Cell: 201.232.6195
Skype: BwBrewer


Booking Procedures For Reference

1. Instrument Selection: If you have any questions regarding what would be the appropriate instrument we will assist you by providing expert guidance in making your choice.

2. Tuning Requirements: Please provide
  • Pitch (ie. 440, 430, 415, 392)
  • Temperament: (ie. Equal Temperament, Valotti, etc...)
    • Some temperaments require a specialized recipe, if you have an exotic temperament please provide the specific recipe so that we can be certain to prepare your instrument accurately when it is sent out
  • Tuning Schedule: Intonation is affected by use, variations in temperature and humidity. Please let us know if you need on site tuning for the following.
    • Rehearsal
    • Dress Rehearsal
    • Performance
    • Intermission Check
    • Standby
      *Time required for tuning is approximately 1 hour prior to the instrument being played. Make sure the space is quiet at this time.
3. Cartage: Please provide the following to make your delivery go smoothly
  • Location
  • Delivery Date and Time
  • Pick up Date and Time; Usually immediately follows final performance
  • Special Considerations; Such as stairs or limited access
  • Contact Cell Phone Number
  • Coordinate Receipt and Pick Up with security personnel or receiving personnel
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