Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding the services we provide. We are happy to help you in any way we can with your logistics.

General Inquiry email:
: 201.592.1298

Edward Brewer, Owner
Cell: 201.232.0730

Barry Brewer, General Manager
Cell: 201.232.6195
Skype: BwBrewer

Baroque Keyboards rents the finest harpsichords and continuo organs in the New York Metropolitan area.

We rent instruments for,
  • Performances
  • Recording
  • Elegant Events
  • Photo Shoots 
  • Long Term Rentals
Baroque Keyboards provides tuning services for all of its instruments. With today's acute interest in the accurate interpretation of historic styles, it is essential to know you will have your instrument tuned to your exact specifications.

We will deliver your rental instrument to any destination you wish. Your instrument will arrive on time, and it will be handled with the same love and respect with which it was crafted and will be played.

Booking Procedures

1. Instrument Selection: If you have any questions regarding what would be the appropriate instrument we will assist you by providing expert guidance in making your choice.
Phone: 201.592.1298

2. Tuning Requirements: Please provide
  • Pitch (ie. 440, 430, 415, 392)
  • Temperament: (ie. Equal Temperament, Valotti, etc...)
    • Some temperaments require a specialized recipe, if you have an exotic temperament please provide the specific recipe so that we can be certain to prepare your instrument accurately when it is sent out
  • Tuning Schedule: Intonation is affected by use, variations in temperature and humidity. Please let us know if you need on site tuning for the following.
    • Rehearsal
    • Dress Rehearsal
    • Performance
    • Intermission Check
    • Standby
      *Time required for tuning is approximately 1 hour prior to the instrument being played
3. Cartage: Please provide the following to make your delivery go smoothly
  • Location
  • Delivery Date and Time
  • Pick Up Date and Time, typically immediately following final performance
  • Special Considerations; such as stairs or limited access
  • Contact Cell Phone Number
  • Coordinate Receipt and Pick Up with security personnel or receiving personnel
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