Continuo Organs

Baroque Keyboards has continuo organs supplied by the world's greatest makers. These unique instruments are totally self contained pipe organs. Their sound is genuine and irreplacable when you are seeking to achieve the truest possible tone.

Considerations When Choosing An Organ
An organ is selected based as much on the logistics of the performance as the tonal characteristics of the instrument. Baroque Keyboards offers essentially two choices in organs: the Wissinger or one of the Klops.

The Wissinger has many small details which combine to make it a more sophisticated instrument than the Klops.

The Klop organs are extremely compact and offer logistical advantages over the Wissinger. All the instruments have at least 8’, 4’ and 2’ stops. In many cases just the 8’ is sufficient. With larger groups the extra stops are very useful.

The Wissinger has a 2’ and 1 1/3’ made of metal with principal scaling. The pipes of the Klops are all wood, even though the 2’ is of principal scaling.

One Klop has a 2 2/3 in the treble, the other has a 1 1/3.

The Wissinger stands about 10" higher than the Klop instruments, such that the performer sits on a stool to play it. This is sometimes a problem with sight lines if the organ in placed in the center of the ensemble with performers sitting behind the organist.

The Klop organs are played from a normal piano bench.

For a recording situation the Wissinger organ is recommended if the venue has a closed room available within about 20’ of space from where the organ will be played. It is possible to separate the blower from the instrument by means of a snake, thus reducing the blower noise to virtually zero.

All the other instruments have self contained blowers which must stay in the instrument. They are quiet as such blowers go and can be used successfully for recording, but there will be a trace of hum.
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